Webmasters.  The Daily Insight image is your chance to add dynamic content to your site that changes every day.  This will bring people back to your site more often.  We integrate a dynamic quotation and different backgrounds to add variety to your viewer's experience.  Try adding the image to your site and you will enjoy an increase in repeat traffic from people checking in to read the Daily Insight.

Simply copy the following code into the appropriate location of your web site's HTML code:

<! -- Daily Insight -->
<A HREF="http://www.insightquotes.com/">
<img src="" name="imgDailyInsight" ALT="Daily Insight" onerror="fnLoadDailyInsight_CSJS()" WIDTH=350 HEIGHT=125 BORDER=0></a>
<script language=javascript>
var m_i = 0;
var MAX = 15;
function fnLoadDailyInsight_CSJS(){
var objDate = new Date();
var iTotalMS;
var strDISrc, strMonth, strDay;

if(m_i > 0){
if(m_i > MAX) return;
iTotalMS = Date.parse(objDate) - m_i * 86400000;

strDISrc = new String(objDate.getFullYear());
strMonth = new String(objDate.getMonth() + 1);
strDay = new String(objDate.getDate());
strDISrc += strMonth.length > 1 ? strMonth : "0" + strMonth;
strDISrc += strDay.length > 1 ? strDay : "0" + strDay; 
document.images.imgDailyInsight.src = "http://www.insightquotes.com/Daily%20Insights/Daily_Insight_" + strDISrc + ".jpg"; 
<! -- End Daily Insight -->

(Note:  If you are using MS FrontPage go to Insert/Advanced/HTML, and paste the code in the box.  If you want to see the image in the Normal tab edit the HTML so it exactly matches above.  Don't save the image.  Avoid this by Choosing Set Action/Don't Save when the Save Embedded Files box comes up.)

Please send us your URL (website address) after adding the image and we will add it and a brief site description to our Links page. 

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